Webinar Event – Powerful Tips for Family Business (Series)

Webinar Event – Powerful Tips for Family Business (Series)

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Have you ever wonder, “How does a family business started?”

In this emerging economy, the number of family businesses continuously increasing, alongside of other small medium enterprises which cause inevitable high competition in the market. Family businesses that were initially built to better the financial situation of a family are now facing a next-level challenges to be able to survive and thrive for generations. 

Join the 12 FUN and INTERACTIVE Webinar Sessions with Coach Cahyadi Kurniawan and ActionCOACH Jakarta, and learn The 12 Proven Steps towards Successful Family Businesses for Generations! The 12 Steps are divided into 12 Webinar Session which will be conducted monthly, to give a comprehensive understanding to participants for practical implementation. 

Facilitated by: 
Coach Cahyadi Kurniawan 
(Senior Coach & Family Business Specialist)
Coach Cahyadi have gone through the peak of his professional career in a multinational company for 22 years  and now he has been focusing on being a Business & Executive Coach for 12 years, aiming at helping the C-level suites. Coach Cahyadi believe that businesses can be run with the simplest way exist and build upon strong foundation of management.

Part 1: How does a Family Business started?

Date & Time: 
Part 1    : Friday, 15 May 2020, at 16.00 – 17.00 WIB 

Rp 100.000,-/session

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