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By: ActionCOACH Jakarta
. 10/03/2020

Indonesia is aiming to grow its market, resulting in massive opportunities and potentials. Proceeding the goal of being one of the developed countries, the Ex-Minister of National Development Planning announced Indonesia is on a mission to be a super nation by aiming for the economy to grow up to 7.3% by 2045. Supporting this, the running president has vowed to support the Indonesia's fast growing e-commerce sector as it is currently the major source of jobs and McKinsey & Co. has stated that digital technology industry could increase Indonesia's GDP up to $150 billion by 2025. Technology and market opportunity has accelerated growth in Indonesia, but their leaders can't keep up.

A study by Empire Research Group states that 95% of companies will never reach even US$ 1 million in annual sales. And of those, 95% won't ever make it to US$5 million. And of those, 98% won't get to US$10 million. MDI Ventures stated more scale-ups should be expected and aimed by Indonesia, instead of more startups. CB Insights has released a surprising facts that 70% of startups fail within 20 months of their first funding round, due to lack of assistance and inadequate preparation to cope up with explosive growth. To tackle this problem, it is widely acknowledged that growing businesses should be equipped with a business coach.

Having a Business Coach is a necessity as you will gain valuable insights for goals and strategies for the business to improve in the areas that are overlooked. A coach will guide businesses to continuously function effectively, walking towards exponential growth. To stay afloat in an increasingly competitive environment, ActionCOACH, a world-renowned business coaching company, understands that companies must know how to scale up.

Amid an age of rapid digitalization, experts say businesses, especially traditional ones, must also face technology as part of scaling up.

"Technology makes it easier for new competitors to come in and overtake the traditional big players. They can offer different payment options, speed up response-time and delivery process, and use customer data to create sharper strategies. So, big players will find it hard to stay afloat if they are not tech savvy," said Boye Hartmann, Founder and CEO of YDigital Asia.

In scaling up, leaders face the challenge of managing large diverse teams often located in multiple cities and managing a huge volume of work. They cannot rely on their funds to grow the business; they must fundraise.

"Fundraising takes a certain skill. Building a startup may be about business model, but fundraising is about selling your uniqueness to investors," said Donald Wihardja, Partner of Convergence Ventures.

According to ActionCOACH, there are 5 Diciplines of Exponential Growth: strategy, mission, business development, people & execution.
  • Strategy: articulating the way you do business through clear goals and the roadmap to achieve it.
  • Mission: having a clear purpose that everyone inside and outside of the company understands to allow deep & lasting emotional connections with all stakeholders.
  • Business Development: understanding and engaging with customers, not just getting sales. This creates predictable results from your marketing efforts.
  • People: developing your people and letting them build the business to create stability and reduce dependency on the owner.
  • Execution: getting your act together and assuring consistency in your business.
"The 5 Disciplines of Exponential Growth are the foundation in creating a business that is sustainable, predictable, stable, consistent, and creates powerful emotional connections inside and outside the company. Implementing and improving these disciplines in your company will help you reach the untapped potential in your business and your team," said Marvin Suwarso, Senior Partner of ActionCOACH Jakarta.

Fulfilling our promise as a company that care, ActionCOACH Jakarta serves businesses at all levels through multi-various ways. ActionCOACH Jakarta provides affordable monthly seminar with various topics, comprehensive quarterly events with notable speakers, to coaching programs suitable to serves various levels of businesses as well as executive coaching for leaders in exhaustive industries

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